Future’s so bright we gotta wear panels.

If you looked outside at all today, you probably saw Southern Arizona’s most abundant energy source hard at work. Clean renewable solar power is in many ways the future of Tucson energy, and it’s a resource TEP is already harnessing.

Call it the spoils of living in the desert if you want, but TEP is recognized worldwide as an industry leader in solar. We have a generating capacity of more than 275 megawatts, enough to serve the needs of 58,000 homes per year. We’re more than keeping pace with Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard, which calls on utilities to increase their use of renewable energy each year until it represents 15% of our total energy sales by 2025.

We want to take full advantage of solar energy’s potential to reduce our reliance on coal. By 2028, we plan on having nearly a gigawatt of solar capacity. If that sounds like an enormous, almost-made-up number, let’s say it another way: That’s enough power to satisfy the annual electric needs of 211,000 homes.

But this is the part where we drop a “However” with a capital H. No energy source is perfect – even the sun. Several key issues are preventing TEP and other utilities from relying more heavily on this otherwise promising power source.

TEP is already focused on addressing these issues. Learn more at tep.com/renewable