Making a Splash with Solar

| Energy Resources

Tucson Electric Power is looking to expand an innovative new program that provides local homeowners with rooftop solar arrays and fixed-price electric service.

We made the TEP Residential Solar Program available to approximately 500 customers this year, and the reception has been warmer than a Tucson sidewalk in the summertime. More than 3,000 people have signed up for email updates about the program, and the first 200 available reservations were booked less than 30 minutes after we posted the application at

The program offers an easy new way to go solar with TEP. With the help of trusted local solar companies, we’re installing, operating and maintaining solar arrays at participating customers’ homes. We’ll combine the systems’ output with other energy resources to provide customers with reliable electric service at a flat monthly rate that will remain fixed for up to 25 years.

If our standard electric rates increase, that fixed energy rate can generate solar-powered savings for program participants. Customers who significantly change their annual energy consumption – either up or down – may see an adjustment to their fixed fee. The rate also is subject to change by state regulators, though customers could opt out of the program if that happens. You can visit the program site for more details.

After committing $10 million to the program this year, we’ve asked the Arizona Corporation Commission to authorize an additional $15 million investment for 2016. That would give even more people a chance to lock-in a fixed rate for their electric service while claiming their own personal share of TEP’s growing renewable power portfolio.